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DSpace has two main methods of creating and logging statistical data, namely the original "default" method and the "Elastic" engine method. Both can be enabled, however it is prudent to only use one method. Please check the reference links in each method before you decide which method to use! There is also some debate about which method is more effective at filtering out search bot data and providing "real downloads" data. As a double check on the DSpace statistics we have also enabled Piwik statistics logging using a Piwik server on campus. With the release of DSpace 5.2, Altmetrics and Google Analytics have also been added to the statistical tool set.

Both methods use the SOLR DB!


Before attempting setup please make sure the following are correct:

  1. Tomcat is listening on TCP port 80.
  2. The SOLR webapp is correctly published.

Using Default Lucene Engine

Using Elastic Engine

Using Google Analytics

Using Altmetrics

Administrative Statistics

Usage Statistics Standards