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Session Requirements

Each session requires a presenter and moderator. The moderator assists the presenter by managing viewer sessions and controlling timing of presenter sessions.

For the moderator

  1. The moderator will check attendance.
  2. The moderator will perform an equipment check with each participant.
  3. The moderator instructs those who will be presenting about the procedure to become a presenter.
  4. The moderator hands over to the first presenter and declares the session open.

For the presenter

The first presenter/facilitator uploads their presentation/agenda and begins the session.

Please prepare your presentations/documents/etc.. as PDF files.

For all when in session

  1. Only the presenter may use video in order to limit the amount of bandwidth used during the session.
    This is because each video connection requires about 2-4MB of bandwidth and each audio connection only about 0.5-1.0MB.
  2. All the viewers audio is initially muted to prevent audio interference when the presenter is speaking.
  3. The moderator will manage questions that are typed in the "chat" box by viewers.
    A good idea is to type "QUESTION" in capitals first, then the body of question in the chat box.
    This helps the moderator easily identify questions in the chat box from the other chatter.
  1. The moderator will instruct participants when to become presenter.
  2. The old presenter must then switch off their video and the new presenter must switch on their video.
  3. The new presenter must upload a new file if needed.
  1. Presenters should become familiar with using the whiteboard during a presentation.
  2. Moderators will assist with whiteboard controls.
Screen sharing
  1. Only presenters may share their screen and must ask permission from the moderator to do so.