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These wiki pages will assist you in customising the default Mirage theme.

This customisation is very basic and intended for those who have some web 2.0 design skills.

After you have completed your customisation, you will have to rebuild DSpace.

It is assumed that you installed DSpace according to:

And it is assumed that a custom Mirage theme was created according to:

  1. Introduction Text
  2. Document Structure
  3. Institutional Branding
  4. Banner Logo
  5. Palette (colours)
  6. Typography (fonts)
  7. Footer Design
  8. Advanced Customisation

Synchronise live and source theme

It is usually more convenient to modify the live theme and then update the source with changes.

Follow the instructions below to create a script to do this for you.

mkdir scripts
cd scripts
nano do-theme-sync

Copy and paste the following into the editor.


# This script updates the source theme with changes in the live theme.

rsync -av $HOME/webapps/xmlui/themes/%THEME%/ $HOME/source/dspace/modules/xmlui/src/main/webapp/themes/%THEME%/

Change %THEME% to the name of the custom theme you created and save the file.

Exit the editor.

Now make the script executable.

chmod 0755 $HOME/scripts/do-theme-sync

To synchronise the themes, using the live theme as reference, type the following;