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Check self-archiving policy with:

Publishers (copyright owners) have certain policies regarding depositing items in institutional repositories.

  1. Normally these policies are available on the SHERPA/RoMEO website ( ), or on the website of individual publishers.
  2. Otherwise – negotiate with the publisher for permission to submit a second copy of e.g. an article on SUNScholar, or include the SPARC Addendum ( ) as part of your agreement with the publisher when publishing in future.
  3. Please submit the letter of consent together with the main research item.
  4. If you struggle getting permission, please allow us to help and remember your final reviewed Word document still belongs to you thus the copyright is still your own will minimal copyright to the publisher. Submit the item, and we will verify that copyright has been cleared as part of the workflow process, after which the item will then be made available on SUNScholar.


Feel free to contact the SUNScholar Office in case of any inquiries you might have. We will gladly assist with introductory and training sessions, and are also available to come and talk to your department/unit/faculty if required. Also during postgraduate orientation sessions. Contact details: E-mail: or Tel.: 021 808 9046/9489. More help:

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