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Copyright for all theses/dissertations produced by researchers while studying at Stellenbosch University resides with the University. You are welcome to create a link to the freely accessible copy of the thesis/dissertation on SUNScholar (please link to the persistent URL), since we want it to be correctly cited (from SUNScholar as the original source), and also since we can then track usage statistics of each thesis/dissertation. By including the SUNScholar link as part of the citation, it increases the visibility of the thesis/dissertation even more. If it was to be printed out, we would not be able to do so. This is also in line with proper copyright management practice.

For any inquiries about the copyright of theses/dissertations at Stellenbosch University, please contact:


  • Tel.: +27 21 808 3079 or +27 21 808 3826
  • E-mail:
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