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Efforts are underway to produce an institutional repository. For guidelines about building a good digital collection, see the links below.

Update 2013: See: for an archived copy. It seems the NISO website no longer hosts this document.

Critical Milestones

Please note: Items in italics are completed. Other items have completion dates and assigned action persons.

SUNScholar Workgroup

Establish a SUNScholar Workgroup. Completed: 03/02/2010. Members: Hilton Gibson, Ina Smith, Reggie Raju, Paulette Talliard, Philip de Villiers, Mimi Seyffert

Community Engagement

  1. SCESCAL Pre-conference workshop. See
  2. Botswana Digital Scholarship Conference, 25 - 27 May 2010. - Withdrawn
  3. Visit by Univ. of PTA, UNISA, Univ. of Jhb. 9-10 Sept. 2010.
  4. IR Wiki. See (Superseded by and
  5. Mailing lists in support digital scholarly research support from the library.
    1. General news and information:
    2. IR discussion for South Africa and Africa:
    3. Technical discussion and help about DSpace and the future Duraspace:


  1. Setup website theme with extra help texts. Completed 24/02/2010. See:
  2. Happy Hour Session: US research - cited more, preserved forever. Introduction to SUNScholar. Completed on 12/02/2010. See:
  3. Completion of Marketing Material. Completed on 24/02/2010. See:
  4. Participate in Open Access Week 18/10/2010 - 24/10/2010. See
  5. Visit individual departments (Roadshow).
    1. Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. Faculty Board Meeting 07/05/2010.
    2. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Bosberaad 04/06/2010.
    3. Faculty of Health Sciences. Pathology Research Committee Meeting 09/06/2010.


  1. Regular announcements on 'Yammer'. Continuous process.
  2. Create a dedicated e-mail account for SUNScholar. Completed 20/11/2009. E-mail:
  3. Setup mailing list. Completed 24/02/2010. See:
  4. Setup news blog. Completed 24/02/2010. See:
  5. Setup Facebook profile. Completed 24/02/2010. See:
  6. Setup Twitter account. Completed 24/02/2010. See:


  1. Compile a Business Plan. Proposed completion date is 30/06/2010. Action: Ina Smith & Reggie Raju.
  2. Finalise 2010 Service Level Agreement with IT Department. Proposed finalisation date is 31/03/2010. Action: Hilton Gibson, Reggie Raju, Joe Smit and Wouter Klapwijk. See:
  3. Compile an Open Access Policy. Proposed completion date is 31/07/2010. Action: Ina Smith, Reggie Raju and Ellen Tise. Software for the golden route to open access is being evaluated here: only available on campus.
  4. Compile a Copyright Guidelines Policy. Proposed completion date is 31/07/2010. Action: Ina Smith, Reggie Raju and Ellen Tise
  5. Compile a Digital Preservation Policy. Proposed completion date is 31/07/2010. Action: Ina Smith and Hilton Gibson
  6. Compile a Digitisation Policy. Proposed completion date is 31/07/2010. Action: Ina Smith, Reggie Raju, Hilton Gibson and Mimi Seyffert.

Progress Reports

  1. Theses & Dissertations. Completion date: 30/06/2010
  2. Problems experienced re theses & dissertations: 2008-March 2010. Completion date: 15/07/2010

Digital Assets

  1. Import old collections from Completed on 24/02/2010.
  2. Import old collections from and import geospatial metadata schema. Proposed completion date is dependent on DSpace 1.6 release. Action: Ina Smith, Hilton Gibson and Wouter Klapwijk. Was released on 03/03/2010. Completed: 15/06/2010
  3. Conduct audit of digitisation projects on campus. Action: Ina Smith & Paulette Talliard



DSpace and Ubuntu

  1. Setup technical documentation help wiki. Completed 01/11/2009 See:
  2. Installation of DSpace and Ubuntu for SUNScholar. Completed 01/10/2009 with DSpace version 1.5.2 and Ubuntu version 8.04. See:
  3. Implementation of web server security certificate. Completed 20/11/2009. See:
  4. Registration of SUNScholar handle with CNRI handle server. Completed 20/11/2009. See:
  5. Enabled campus logins and registration. Completed 01/12/2009. See:
  6. Setup system backups and disaster recovery procedures. Completed 01/12/2009. See:

The upgrade to DSpace 1.6.1 is on hold. Tests on the development server did not go well. But the modifications for the XMLUI theme and the Atmire plugins will go ahead, in addition to the customisation for the Antarctic collection. New proposed completion date is: end of May 2010.


  1. Update guidelines in annual year book re theses & dissertations. Action: Ina Smith, Research Office and Reggie Raju
  2. SUNScholar to feed data into research management system (RIMS). Action: Hilton Gibson, Wouter Klapwijk & Ralph Pina
  3. Compile and enable a SWORD-compliant GUI tool for large scale digital asset submissions. Action: Hilton Gibson, Wouter Klapwijk & Ina Smith. A test of OpenETD is in progress. See: available on campus only.

Training and Help


  1. Completion of SUNeTD help page in Afr/ Eng. Completed 11/01/2010. See:
  2. Completion of online user help manual. Completed on 24/02/2010. See:
  3. Completion of Submitter Training Materials. Completed on 24/02/2010. See:
  4. Completion of Faculty Librarian Training Materials. Action: Ina Smith. Completed on 27/05/2010.
  5. Completion of Cataloguer Training Materials.Completed on 24/02/2010. See:
  6. Completion of SUNScholar help web page. Action: Ina Smith.


  1. Completion of Submitter Training. Ongoing.
    1. 18/02/2010
    2. 04/03/2010
    3. 11/03/2010
    4. 25/03/2010
    5. 01/04/2010
    6. 08/04/2010
    7. 15/04/2010
    8. 22/04/2010
    9. 29/04/2010
    10. 27/05/2010
    11. 24/06/2010
  2. Completion of Faculty Librarian Training. Action: Ina Smith. Completed on 27/05/2010. Presentation:
  3. Completion of Cataloguer Training. Action: Ina Smith. Completed on 24/02/2010.
    1. 22/01/2010
    2. 08/02/2010

Web Analytics

  1. Register SUNScholar with search engines/harvesters. Action: Ina Smith. Proposed completion date 31/03/2010.
    1. Install Google Analytics. Action: Hilton Gibson & Ina Smith. Completed 01/03/2010
    2. Enable Google Webmaster Tools. Action: Hilton Gibson & Ina Smith. Completed 01/03/2010
    3. Register with: Action: Hilton Gibson & Ina Smith. Completed 01/03/2010
    4. Register with: Action: Hilton Gibson & Ina Smith. Completed 02/03/2010
    5. OAISTER/OCLC - Requested on 04/03/2010
    6. ROAR - Requested on 04/03/2010
    7. Webometrics (July 2010)
    8. ScientificCommons - Requested on 04/03/2010
    9. Wikipedia
    10. IRSpace
    12. DRIVER
    13. Google Scholar - Requested on 04/03/2010
    14. Google - Requested on 04/03/2010
    15. BASE Registry Watcher - Requested on 04/03/2010
    16. DSpace. Action: Hilton Gibson & Ina Smith. Completed 29/03/2010
    17. Scopus & Scirus
    18. UIUC OAI - Requested on 04/03/2010. Registered on 04/03/2010.
    19. Darenet
    20. Europeana
    21. World Digital Library
    22. NDLTD
    23. OpenThesis
    24. Centre for Research Libraries
    25. ARROW
    26. ResearchNow

Release Activities

If critical milestones are completed, then SUNSCholar will be launched during Open Access Week 2010 18-24 October 2010.

  • Activity 1: Video-clips from researchers voicing their opinions on how they benefitted from SUNScholar/ open access.
  • Activity 2: Video-conference during launch with international presenter/ local high profile OA person.
  • Activity 3: Arrange for "coming attraction" publications in "Die Matie" and with the "Boschtelegram".
  • Activity 4: Open sessions on SUNScholar
  • Activity 5: Exhibit in Die Neelsie
  • Activity 6: Telepresence Conference
  • Activity 7: Presentation by Prof Hauptfleisch (Drama) on OA wiki theatre encyclopedia
  • Activity 8: Presentation by Prof Harms (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering) on OJ Journals (R & D Journal of the South African Institute for Mechanical Engineers)
  • Resources on Open Access Week wiki: