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Preservable Digital Objects

The objective is to create and store digital objects in the research institutional electronic archive, that can be read and viewed by future systems and technology.

The resultant digitised objects must adhere to the following:

  • Use an uncompressed bitstream for storage.
  • Use open, royalty free and patent free, published digital format standards and metadata schemas.
  • The next vital thing about preservable digital objects is to use the correct file naming procedures.
    • The whole file name must be in small caps and have no spaces.
    • Spaces must be replaced with dashes (-).
    • There cannot be any other formatting characters such as ()#/ etc...

Digital Object Formats

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Conventions used on SUNScholar

File Names

Use the following file naming convention:


or if saving as a pdf file, which is preferred:


or if saving as an open document standards file, which is more preferred:


Digital Object Formats


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Digital Object Preservation Services

Electronic Archives Portability

On the portability of the electronic archive between electronic archive systems, please read:


From Denise Nicholson
Ohio State University Library

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