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Step 7. Install the Postfix mail server

DSpace needs to send emails in order to facilitate submission workflows etc.

Ideally before setting this up, you should speak to your campus email administrator.

Local Postfix Email Sending Server Installation

Step 7.1: First we purge old software

Type the following;

sudo dpkg --purge exim4

Step 7.2: Then we install the Postfix software

Install the Postfix mail server by typing as follows;

When asked for type of setup, select "Internet with Smarthost".

The "Smarthost" is your campus email sending server, read the wiki page below for alternatives, if you do not have a campus email sending server.

See links below for more detail before continuing.

sudo apt-get install postfix

Step 7.3: Finally we setup a default mailname

Now we edit the servers "mailname" by typing as follows:

sudo nano /etc/mailname

Add one line only which should be the hostname (URL) of your server, for example:

Optional Extras