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To inform ourselves of errors on a daily basis, a script was written and is run daily to email us the error output of the logs.

Follow the procedure below to perform the same.

Step 1. Login as the dspace user.

Click on the heading above.

Step 2. Create script, by typing the following:

nano $HOME/scripts/error-logs

Copy and paste the following:


TODAY=`date +%F`

cd $HOME/log
cat dspace.log.$TODAY | grep -v INFO > /tmp/dspace-error.log
cat cocoon.log.$TODAY | grep -v INFO > /tmp/cocoon-error.log
cat /tmp/dspace-error.log | mail -s "Error log for SUNScholar" $LIST
cat /tmp/cocoon-error.log | mail -s "Error log for SUNScholar XMLUI" $LIST
rm -f /tmp/dspace-error.log
rm -f /tmp/cocoon-error.log

Change LIST to a comma separated list of emails of persons who to want to receive the error reports.

NANO Editor Help
CTL+O = Save the file and then press Enter
CTL+X = Exit "nano"
CTL+K = Delete line
CTL+U = Undelete line
CTL+W = Search for %%string%%
CTL+\ = Search for %%string%% and replace with $$string$$
CTL+C = Show line numbers

More info =

Step 3. Add the script to the daily "dspace user" crontab.