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Donating hard copies of theses/dissertations to the JS Gericke Library

  1. In accordance with a decision by Senate in 2007, theses and dissertations are to be submitted by the student to SUNScholar in electronic format only, from 2008. No hard copies are required to be handed in from 2008.
  2. If a student wishes to donate one hard copy (and not more than one), they may do so. We do not encourage the donation of any hard copies to the library.
  3. Please refer the student to the SUNScholar Office, or on receiving the hard copy send it to the SUNScholar Office.
  4. Staff from the SUNScholar Office will verify whether it can go to the open shelves, or whether it should go to Special Collections (theses/dissertations under embargo).
  5. If not under embargo, it will be send to Technical Services for cataloguing by the cataloguers. A link will be added from the entry in the catalogue to the online version on SUNScholar.
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