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As of DSpace 1.7, there is a mapping facility to connect Google metadata fields with the dublin core metadata citation fields in HTML.

Please note:


Edit the following file:

nano $HOME/source/dspace/config/dspace.cfg

Search for google-metadata.enable and ensure the state is "true".

See example below.

##### Google Scholar Metadata Configuration #####
google-metadata.config = ${dspace.dir}/config/crosswalks/
google-metadata.enable = true

Once the feature is enabled, the mapping is configured by a separate configuration file located here:


Sample HTML Metadata

Below is an example of the Google scholar metadata generated in the <head> tag of item: when viewing the page HTML source;

<meta content="De Jager, Eloise" name="citation_author">
<meta content="Bitzer, Eli" name="citation_author">
<meta content="1535-0754 (print)" name="citation_issn">
<meta content="2013-04" name="citation_date">
<meta content="" name="citation_abstract_html_url">
<meta content="en_ZA" name="citation_language">
<meta content="" name="citation_pdf_url">
<meta content="Perceptions of First-Year Students; Accounting -- Study and teaching -- South Africa -- Stellenbosch; Self-help groups -- South Africa -- Stellenbosch; Academic achievement -- South Africa -- Stellenbosch; College freshmen -- South africa -- Stellenbosch; Pass rates -- South africa -- Stellenbosch; Article" name="citation_keywords">
<meta content="Clute Institute" name="citation_publisher">
<meta content="First-year students’ participation and performance in a financial accounting support group" name="citation_title">

Atmire Analyser


HTML Head Tag Metadata

If you have heavily customized your metadata fields away from Dublin Core, you can modify the crosswalk that generates these elements by modifying: