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Electronic Theses/Dissertations (2008-)

No Embargo

  • Study leader nominates student via portal, and is given the choice whether it should be open access/restricted access.
  • Open access is selected.
  • Student submits via SUNScholar Loader (previously SUNeTD).
  • Study leader accepts thesis via portal.
  • Once items have been reviewed on SUNScholar Loader, they are moved to SUNScholar. This is done following the graduation. All items are initially moved to one central collection on SUNScholar, e.g. Graduation - 2013 - December - Open Access Items. A persistent URL is assigned to each thesis/dissertation at this stage. Use it to create links to your thesis/dissertation.
  • Cataloguers then edit the metadata, and move the theses/dissertations to their final destination collections, e.g. Masters Degrees (Molecular Biology and Human Genetics)

Under Embargo

  • A request fot permission to restrict access to a thesis/dissertation should be submitted together with a short motivation via the faculty secretary, to Senate for approval.
  • Study leader nominates student via portal, and is given the choice whether it should be open access/restricted access.
  • Restricted access is selected, with the embargo expiry date clearly indicated by the nominator.
  • Student submits via SUNScholar Loader (previously SUNeTD), behind the firewall.
  • With SUNeTD (2008-2009): Copy was stored on secure server behind the firewall.
  • With SUNScholar (2010-): Once items have been reviewed, they are moved to a restricted collection in SUNScholar.
  • Strict restrictions apply: the collection is closed, and all policies are removed from each item.
  • No metadata or full text accessible – also not for harvesters or search engines.
  • All documentation, letters of approval from Senate or other communication will be saved and preserved together with the embargoed item.
  • Once the embargo expires, the item will be released automatically, and the item will be moved to the applicable departmental collection.
  • PS: No confirmation calls will be made.

Printed Theses/Dissertations (prior 2008)

View previous workflow

No Embargo

  • 2 Copies delivered by SUNMedia to Cataloguing Division.
  • Catalogue entry was made for both copies.
  • Hard copy was put on open shelf and paperback copy in Compact Storage.

Under Embargo

  • 1 Copy accompanied by proof that embargo was approved. Date of release was printed on proof of embargo.
  • Handed in at Special Collections, Library and Information Service, by study leader (and/or student).
  • No catalogue entry made.
  • Once embargo date expired, library staff contacted study leader to confirm.
  • Special Collections then released thesis/dissertation.
  • Catalogue entry was added and copy made available on the open shelf.

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