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When is an embargo on SUNScholar allowed?

SUNScholar aims to make research produced by members of the University research community as visible and accessible possible. We do acknowledge - however - that exceptional cases may arise in which the research results involved cannot be made known in the usual manner. Stellenbosch University takes this view on the clear understanding, however, that the number of such exceptional cases and also the period of classification to which they are subject are both to be restricted to a minimum.

Therefore embargoes are allowed under certain conditions:

  • If the quality of the content is not acceptable/up to standard.
  • If - in the case of research articles - publishers' or copyright owners require that access to the full text be restricted, following an agreement with the University.
  • Where the research is of confidential nature, and involves commercial confidentiality.
  • Where research is of security interest.

For further details, please view the University Calendar.

How to indicate that an embargo applies

Complete the approriate field on the SUNScholar submission form. If no embargo applies, leave the field open. If an embargo applies, fill out the expiry date for the embargo. Use the following date convention: yyyy-mm-dd


Workflow for an embargoed item

  • Submitter submits item, and completes embargo expiry date on submission form. Attach any additional documentation as proof.
  • Reviewers (SUNScholar Office) reviews, and add date embargo expires in front of title. The embargo will be automatically lifted by the system once the embargo expires.
  • Metadata Editors (Cataloguers) edits, commit to archive, and confirm the item has been withdrawn from public view after being committed. Verify that correct date convention has been used. Add note to description.provenance field: Item is under embargo. Additional documentation supporting the embargo to be uploaded. Move the item to the Embargo Collection on SUNScholar.
  • Full text file to be stored in secure Collection until embargo expires (responsibility of SUNScholar Office).


Please direct any inquiries related to research material on SUNScholar to the SUNScholar Office.

Tel.: 00 27 21 808 9139



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