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SUNScholar is the container for the digital research objects produced by researchers at Stellenbosch University. It is the long term strategy of the library to preserve the research archive by developing a repository preservation plan. The repository preservation plan (RPP) is usually for the repository director/manager to formulate in collaboration with the institutions IT department.

The repository preservation plan assists with the following:

  • Long term capacity planning for the operation and maintenance of the research archive container.
  • Long term preservation of the digital objects (curation) contained in the research archive.

Creating critical open scholarly communication infrastructure

The essential elements of a repository preservation plan

Below are links to pages that detail the essential elements of a repository preservation plan.

Priority 1 - Digitisation

Priority 2 - Data Sovereignty

Priority 3 - Data Authenticity

Priority 4 - Preservable Digital Objects

Priority 5 - Electronic Citation Persistence

The major issues to consider in the repository preservation plan

Below are links to pages detailing the issues to resolve with repository preservation planning.

Issue 1 - Capacity Building

Issue 2 - Open Systems

Issue 3 - Disaster Recovery

Issue 4 - Reference Architecture

Issue 4 - Software Release Cadence


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