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The Universal Index of Doctoral Dissertations in Progress

You can visit: This site holds a database of doctoral dissertations in progress around the world.

The site is an open academic community effort to:

  • Avoid duplications in doctoral dissertations
  • Create the ultimate meeting place for researchers
  • Allow for interaction between them

Where to search for completed theses/dissertations


  1. NDLTD Useful Search Tools
  2. NDLTD Search Engine
  3. WorldWideScience
  4. OATD (Open Access Theses and Dissertations)
  5. OAIster
  6. OpenDOAR
  7. ROAR
  8. Google Advanced Search
  9. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (Titles & Abstracts only)


  1. Sabinet >> Current and Completed Research
  2. Nexus Database for Current and Completed Research Projects
  3. IRSpace (incl. ‘thesis’/’theses’/’dissertation’)
  4. National ETD Portal (South Africa)
  5. Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD)


  1. Library & Archives Canada


  1. DART

United Kingdom

  1. EThOS


  1. eScholarship University of California
  2. BePress