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Click here, to join the news and help mailing list for SUNConferences.

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Conference Web using OCS

Submit a request for hosting a conference with SUNConferences

Send the request via e-mail to, and provide the following information:

  1. Appoint a Conference Moderator (Manager), Conference Director, Contact Person
  2. Provide the name of the conference, as well as the date when it will be held
  3. Suggest a URL e.g.
  4. Provide University/departmental/societal affiliation information
  5. The SUNScholar Office will arrange for the necessary space to be created on the SU server, a URL will be assigned, and the Conference Moderator (Manager) and Conference Director will be registered. Usernames and passwords will be e-mailed to login to the conference system.

Setting up your conference

This is the role of the Conference Moderator. More than one person can be registered as Conference Moderator.

  1. Go to the page created for your conference, e.g.
  2. Login to the conference web.
  3. Click on USER HOME in the top navigation bar.

Register a domain name

Live streaming of your conference

Listing your conference

Electronic posters at your conference

Conference Venues (Stellenbosch)