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University Policy

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This policy applies to the publication of articles (manuscripts), books, chapters in books and conference proceedings.

Stellenbosch University encourages researchers to publish as many articles (manuscripts) possible resulting from their research. Please take note of the following (the word 'researchers' includes academic researchers, lecturers, all students and other SU staff members conducting research utilising SU resources):

  • Researchers transfer copyright for all work during their employment/studies, to Stellenbosch University.
  • According to the work agreement between employees (researchers) and the employer (Stellenbosch University), copyright for all research as a result of using University resources (time, equipment, facilities, money or any other support), is transferred to the University.
  • Deans or representatives and study leaders are to grant permission to students for publishing articles with a specific journal.
  • All SU researchers are to publish articles under the name for Stellenbosch University.
  • It is the researchers’ responsibility to make sure that publishing an article won’t impact on his/her right and SU requirements to publish the final dissertation via SUNScholar.
  • Researchers cannot sign agreements (incl. signing away copyright) with journal publishers on behalf of the University. An authorised representative from the University has to sign.

The University does everything in its power to encourage its students and staff to publish. The transfer of copyright is prohibited though and the University usually advises its researchers to proceed with caution in these instances and to try and achieve a workable compromise between the rights of the publisher and those of the University. Stellenbosch University as a public research institution wants to disseminate its research as widely as possible - including through its web site, through journal articles, through SUNScholar etc. and it is thus against SU's core principles to permit the granting of exclusivity to a publisher. The University usually only permits publications if it does not interfere with its primary purpose as a public research institution.


For further enquiries regarding the above, please contact: Innovus