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Use a safe location for the article and issue files.

Create the folder

mkdir /var/ojs

Give the above folder full read/write permissions by the web server.

chown www-data.root /var/ojs
chmod 0777 /var/ojs

Login to phpmyadmin

Log in to phpmyadmin. This is normally hostname of journal/phpmyadmin.

Create the MySQL Database with the following credentials

  • dbname = ojs
  • dbuser = ojs
  • dbpass = XXXX

Create root MySQL file (/root/.my.cnf)

nano /root/.my.cnf

Copy and paste the following. Change password to suit.

user = root
password = XXXX

user = root
password  = XXXX

user = root
password  = XXXX
chmod 0600 /root/.my.cnf

Test database connection, by typing as follows:

show databases;