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Online ISSN's

  • A distinct ISSN has to be assigned if different versions of a publication are published (different language versions, different media versions such as print, CD-ROM, online, different title versions etc.)
  • Each online journal has to be assigned a new online ISSN. For South African publications, all requests need to be submitted via the National Library of South Africa (NLSA). Internationally: Apply at the ISSN International Centre.
  • ISSN's are assigned according to international ISSN rules and the ISO Standard 3297.
  • Display the ISSN prominently on the title screen or homepage of the online publication, preceded by the letters ISSN.
  • As the ISSN is permanently linked to the key title, please inform the ISSN International centre of any changes in the title of the publication and send the appropriate information to issnic@issn.org so that they can check whether a new ISSN assignment is needed or not.
  • Also communicate all other changes (publisher’s name, place of publication, frequency, etc.) so that it can be updated accordingly in the ISSN Register.

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