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A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) allows a URL to be defined for each article. It is a simple mapping between the DOI and URL. It prevents the famous "Link not found" errors on the web.

See example below.


Read official documentation

DOI suffix policy

It was decided to use a standard for the suffix policy for all journals to create consistency. The suffix policy is called "via" or "very important article". Make sure that there are NEVER any SPACES or AMPERSANDS being generated by DOI's.

The suffix is made of the following OJS variables:

%v = volume
%i = issue
%a = article id

A dash is used to seperate them.

Therefore the suffix in the config file is:


For example a suffix for article 10 in issue 2, volume 3 is as follows:


And with a proper DOI prefix:

The article id is only generated once a submission is approved by the Editor.

Submission to Crossref

Step 1 - Export file from OJS
  1. Go to the plugins page and select the Crossref XML export plugin.
  2. Select issues or articles to export.
  3. Save the exported file to your desktop. It should be called "crossref.xml".
Step 2 - Check file at Crossref
  1. Go to: http://www.crossref.org/02publishers/parser.html
  2. Upload and check the file.
  1. Go to: http://test.crossref.org
  2. Upload and check the file.
Step 3 - Submit file to Crossref
  1. Go to: http://doi.crossref.org
  2. Login with the following credentials:
    1. username=*****
    2. password=*****
  3. Click the Submissions tab.
  4. Click the Upload tab, if necessary.
  5. Click Browse and locate the file to be uploaded.
  6. Select the file type:
    1. Metadata – Bibliographic data typically associated with the creation of a DOI
    2. Query or DOI Query – Piped or XML queries Show Examples
    3. DOI References/Resources –XML using the DOI Resources schema which deposit references, multiple resolution data, stand alone components or additional URL information to add to existing DOIs
    4. Conflict Management – Control file that specifies how to resolve a conflict between two or more of your DOIs.
  7. Click Upload.

Help Samples

DOI Lookup