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Open Access policy development and advocacy (max. 80)

Iryna Kuchma, Tom Cochrane, Jörgen Eriksson, Silvia Nakano, Bhanu Neupane, Elsabé Olivier and Alma Swan
Wallenberg Research Centre, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS), 10 Marais Street, Stellenbosch (Google Maps)
08h30 - 17h00
About this workshop

Following a successful pre-conference on Open Access policy development at Berlin 9, we would like to offer assistance to universities, research organisations and funders in Open Access policy developments and advocacy.

Our main target audience would be participants from African and other developing and transition countries, but participants from other countries/regions are also welcome.

The workshop participants will discuss Open Access policy options, the wording of Open Access policies and implementation strategies with the leading Open Access policies experts.

Best practice case studies will present an honest account of what worked best and what could/should have been better and how this experience could be applied to other Open Access policy development and advocacy programmes.

Workshop partners/co-organisers

The Stellenbosch University library repository team has documented information about possible policy development on a locally supported public wiki.

Contributions by workshop presenter
  • Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of open access written by Dr. Alma Swan, an eminent expert in the field of open access, and issued by UNESCO. This publication serves the needs of open access policy development at the government, institutional and funding agency level. The Policy Guidelines can be used by individuals as a basic text on open access and related policies. The publication can be useful to both the beginners as well as experienced in the world of open access, and will assist the decision-makers, administrators and research managers to focus on OA policy development.
  • Good practices for university open-access policies: in anticipation of worldwide Open Access Week, the Harvard Open Access Project released an excellent guide to good practices for university open-access policies co-authored by Stuart Shieber (Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Office for Scholarly Communication, Harvard University) and Peter Suber (Director of the Harvard Open Access Project, Special Advisor to the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication, and Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
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