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  • DSpace and Ubuntu require expert technical support for long term sustainability.
  • Technology is expanding at ever faster rates, therefore it is wise to find persons experienced in specialised areas to do systems management.
  • Think of any other field that has expanded and become specialised, the same applies to technology and systems management today and definitely in the very near future.
One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering.  -Robert A. Heinlein-

Persons with the following skills are desirable. They can be hired part-time or employed full-time depending on the amount of resources available to you and the amount of work to be done.

Web 2.0 Software Technologist or Web 2.0 Application Specialist or Java Webapp Developer

Core Skills

  • Expert Java programming skills
  • Expert XML programming skills
  • Professional SQL programming skills
  • Professional HTML programming skills
  • Professional CSS programming skills
  • Professional PHP programming skills
  • Familiarity with the Tomcat java webapp server
  • Familiarity with the LAMP stack webapp server

Specialist Skills


Advert - 1
Advert - 2

Web 2.0 Hardware Technologist or Web 2.0 Infrastructure Specialist or Ubuntu Linux System Administrator

Core Skills

Specialist Skills


Advert - 1
Advert - 2

In-depth Information

How to find persons with these skills

The ideal candidates are graduates from one of the technology universities in South Africa who have studied information technology or computer science or electronics.

Below is a list of technology universities and the relevant departments.

Or you can try the following links to able to source persons with these skills from the community in your area.



Skills Surveys

Technologist Jobs





Sample CV's

Salaries according to RHT in the USA

Currency convertor:


Linux System Admin

Java Web Developer


$ 64500 - $ 89500

$ 65750 - $ 95250


$ 62000 - $ 86000

$ 62000 - $ 89750

A Good Geek

What a good geek does, is AUTOMATE, INNOVATE and ANNOTATE.

Why I am not a web programmer