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Why do I need to register for wireless access?

To protect the integrity of the University network, it is essential that all devices (e.g. laptop, iPad, cell phone etc.) connected to the eduroam wireless network use the latest version of the operating system and the necessary antivirus and spyware software.

Connect to Wi-Fi on campus

The Wi-Fi network used to connect to the internet access is called eduroam. See selfregistration procedure: How to Connect to Wi-Fi on campus. For a detailed description about registering your device visit www.sun.ac.za/wifi, then select the guide that matches your device operating system, e.g. Android, Apple or Windows.

Connect to eduroam

Once Step 1 (your device registration) is complete download the eduroam CAT appfrom your app store. You will use this to connect to the eduRoam Wi-Fi.

For a step-by-step guide on the process visit Connecting to Eduroam, then select the guide that matches your device’s operating system, e.g. Android, Apple or Windows.

Need help?

How can I print via the wifi from my laptop?:

Download the script that you need to install on your laptop to be able to print to a Safecom Secure pull print printer.

See the Printer Setup guides for Safecom on MacOS, Ubuntu, MS Windows  

You can use this system from anywhere on campus, residences, MatiesWifi and SCN if you have the required printing credits and your laptop had been registered for MatiesWifi on the SU campus.

*Note: If your laptop is not registered for Wi-Fi access, see the Self-registration process for wifi access procedure above.

Important! For any help or assitance, go to IT HUB, Admin A (entrance from the Rooiplein, below the Admin-bridge), Stellenbosch campus; or go to TYG IT, 1st floor, Clinical building, Tygerberg campus.

How can I load printing quota?:

See How to manage your Printing account