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Wireless access is limited to Stellenbosch University staff and students already registered on the University network.

How can I connect to the wifi from my laptop?

As a registered students or staff member, it is possible to self-register your device online when accessing the network via Wi-Fi hotspots with the SSID RegisterMe! functionality. The yearly once-off network registration cost for your device (up to 5 devices) will automatically deducted from your student account.

Follow the registration procedure on RegisterMe! for the different operating systems that you might be using 

After your registration had been completed, internet access can be obtained:

  1. Laptop/desktop: Go to https://inetkey.sun.ac.za or via the Inetkey application which can be found here.
  2. Mobile device: Download the Inetkey official app via Play store (Android) or App store (iPhone) on your cell phone.

*Important: If you experience any problem with the self-registration process, go to IT HUB, Admin A (entrance from the Rooiplein, below the Admin-bridge), Stellenbosch campus; or go to TYG IT, 1st floor, Clinical building, Tygerberg campus.

How can I print via the wifi from my laptop?:

Download the script that you need to install on your laptop to be able to print to a Safecom Secure pull print printer.

See the Printer Setup guides for Safecom on iOS, unix, MS windows 

You can use this system from anywhere on campus, residences, MatiesWifi and SCN if you have the required printing credits and your laptop had been registered for MatiesWifi on the SU campus.

*Note: If your laptop is not registered for Wi-Fi access, see the Self-registration process for wifi accessprocedure above.

How can I load printing quota?:

See How to manage your Printing account