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#Click '''JOIN'''.
#Click '''JOIN'''.
#Follow the instructions for audio configuration.
#Follow the instructions for audio configuration.
*''[[Webinar/Session|Click here]], for advanced session help.''
*''Normally each session has a presenter, a number of viewers and a moderator who manages the session.''
==Session Help==
==Session Help==

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This page contains instructions on how to use the big blue button (BBB) webinar server for an online meeting/presentation using the Stellenbosch University Library webinar server.

Please do a test, with a colleague/friend on the internet, before going live - the server is available for testing any time of the day

Step 1 - Check requirements

If you need to, ask your local IT support for help to setup the software and hardware.


The latest Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers work if the following are installed.

  1. Install the Java Plugin.
  2. Install the Adobe Flash Plugin.





Click on the heading above.


  1. Fast broadband internet connection => 256KiB/s kilo bytes per second. (Not required when connecting on campus)
    Test your internet connection speed at: http://www.speedtest.net
  2. Ensure that your internet connection does not block the ports required by BBB, namely 80 (HTTP), 9123 (Desktop Sharing), and 1935 (RTMP).
    If you have strange problems when connecting, ask your local IT support for help to ensure the ports are open to the internet.

Step 2 - Join the "Demo" Webinar Session

Go to the following web address:

  1. Type in your name. (Your first name is good enough)
  2. Click JOIN.
  3. Follow the instructions for audio configuration.

Session Help

Viewer Overview

Presenter Overview

Screen Layout

  1. Users: Refers to all users. You should be able to see the names of all the users once they have logged in.
  2. Webcam: Real-time image of presenters.
  3. Chat: Area where you can type questions to the presenters.
  4. Presentation: This is where the presenters will display and manage their presentation.

Time Zone Conversion

Please check the links below to synchronise times on different continents for meetings.

South Africa is in the following time zone: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_Standard_Time or UTC+2:00

Advanced System Configuration