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:;Before submitting please check the following:
==Special characters==
;:*[[SUNScholar/Publishers|How do I check whether my present publisher will allow me to publish on SUNScholar ?]]
Copy and paste characters from the following:
;:*[[SUNScholar/Embargo|Can I put an embargo on items submitted to SUNScholar ?]]
;:[http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm Unicode characters]
;:*[[SUNScholar/Digitisation|How do I digitise my content for submission to SUNScholar ?]]
;:*[[SUNScholar/LaTeX|Do you have any LaTex templates to use for thesis/dissertation submission ?]]
:;Submission registration and instructions
'''[[SUNScholar|Back to Scholar Help]]'''
;:[[SUNScholar/How_to_register|Step 1. Register]]
;:[[SUNScholar/Become_a_submitter|Step 2. Become a submitter]]

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Special characters

Copy and paste characters from the following:

Unicode characters
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