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Log in to your server as the dspace user and then become the root user.

sudo -i

Create a scripts folder in the /root folder.

mkdir /root/scripts

Create the restart script

nano /root/scripts/restart-dspace

Add the following to the restart-dspace script using copy and paste with "nano".

## This script is to be used to restart DSpace

echo "Stop Tomcat"
sudo systemctl stop tomcat8
sleep 5
sudo systemctl stop tomcat8
sleep 5

echo "Restarting PostgreSQL"
sudo service postgresql restart

echo "Cleaning out old xmlui cache files"
sudo rm /var/lib/tomcat8/work/Catalina/localhost/_/cache-dir/
sudo rm /var/lib/tomcat8/work/Catalina/localhost/_/cache-dir/cocoon-ehcache.index

echo "Remove old catalina log file"
sudo rm /var/log/tomcat8/catalina.out

#### Optional ####
#Fix file and folder permissions. Uncomment below to enable.
#echo "Fixing file permissions. Please wait..."
#sudo chmod 0777 -R /home/dspace/config
#sudo chmod 0777 -R /home/dspace/log
#echo "Fixing file ownership. Please wait..."
#sudo chown dspace.tomcat8 -R /home/dspace/config
#sudo chown dspace.tomcat8 -R /home/dspace/log

echo "Start Tomcat"
sudo systemctl restart tomcat8

echo "Restart complete: `date`" > /var/tmp/restart-dspace

NANO Editor Help
CTL+O = Save the file and then press Enter
CTL+X = Exit "nano"
CTL+K = Delete line
CTL+U = Undelete line
CTL+W = Search for %%string%%
CTL+\ = Search for %%string%% and replace with $$string$$
CTL+C = Show line numbers

More info =

Now make the script executeable

chmod 0755 /root/scripts/restart-dspace

Manual Restart

Now run the script when needed by typing:

sudo -i

You can watch the restart by typing:

tail -f /var/log/tomcat8/catalina.out

To quit tailing the log file, type: CTL+c

Automatic Restart

To automatically and regularly restart, add a root user cron job.

As the "root" user user type the following:

crontab -e

Copy and paste the following to the bottom of the file and then save the file:

45 7 * * *    /root/scripts/restart-dspace

This will restart DSpace 07:45 in the morning each day.