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Hilton Gibson,Stellenbosch University,[mailto:hilton.gibson@gmail.com hilton.gibson@gmail.com]
Hilton Gibson,Stellenbosch University,[mailto:hilton.gibson@gmail.com hilton.gibson@gmail.com]
Cornelle van Wyk, University of the Free State,[mailto:cornelle@ufs.ac.za cornelle@ufs.ac.za ]
Lewatle Phaladi,Unversity of the Witwatersrand,[mailto:Lewatle.Phaladi@wits.ac.za Lewatle.Phaladi@wits.ac.za]
Lewatle Phaladi,Unversity of the Witwatersrand,[mailto:Lewatle.Phaladi@wits.ac.za Lewatle.Phaladi@wits.ac.za]
Barrie Swanepoel,University of Johannesburg,[mailto:barries@uj.ac.za barries@uj.ac.za]
Barrie Swanepoel,University of Johannesburg,[mailto:barries@uj.ac.za barries@uj.ac.za]

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** The Self-Hosting Value Proposition **

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Support of scholarly communication is becoming more formalised.

Below are links to some examples of organisations.

DSpace Repository Support


African Support

This is a discussion list to discuss, communicate, share information on all open access and institutional repositories related issues in Africa and South Africa.

International Open Access Discussion


The Global Open Access List (GOAL) is the successor of the American Scientist Open Access (AmSci) Forum, which was the first Open Access Forum, begun in 1998 and hosted for 13 years (1998-2011) by Sigma Xi. http://amsci-forum.amsci.org/archives/American-Scientist-Open-Access-Forum.html

Open Access is no longer just an American or a Scientific Matter. It is a global movement with the goal of making all 2.5 million articles published annually in the planet's 25,000 peer-reviewed journals -- in all scholarly and scientific fields, and in all languages -- freely accessible online to anyone on the Web.

GOAL is accordingly dedicated to the discussion of Open Access practice and policy-making by the worldwide research community (in no order: researchers, universities, research institutions, research funding agencies, governmental research policy-makers and commercial entities) with the aim of enabling concrete, practical steps to be taken to achieve Open Access. Chief among these goals are techniques for increasing the amount of Open Access, as well as metrics of research usage and impact.

Service Providers

South African



Repository Institutional Management

<tab width="50%" class="wikitable sortable" sep=comma head=top> Name,Institution,Contact Dr Reggie Raju,UCT,reggie.raju@uct.ac.za Dr Leti Kleyn,UP,leti.kleyn@up.ac.za Ina Smith,ASSAf,ina@assaf.org.za Michelle Willmers,UCT,michelle.willmers@uct.ac.za Lazarus Matizirofa,NRF,lazarus.matizirofa@nrf.ac.za Andrew Mwesigwa,Makerere University,amwesigwa@mulib.mak.ac.ug Bravismore Mumanyi,University of Namibia,bravismore@unam.na Charlie Maphuntshane Molepo,University of the Free State,MolepoCM@ufs.ac.za Wouter Klapwijk,Stellenbosch University,wklap@sun.ac.za Makaba Macanda,University of Johannesburg,makabam@uj.ac.za </tab>

Repository Operational Management

<tab width="50%" class="wikitable sortable" sep=comma head=top> Name,Institution,Contact Tlou Mathiba,University of Pretoria,tlou.mathiba@up.ac.za Allison Fullard,University of the Western Cape,afullard@uwc.ac.za Denise Nicholson,University of the Witwatersrand,denise.nicholson@wits.ac.za Ansie van der Westhuizen,University of South Africa,Watkiapj@unisa.ac.za Kataila Ramalibana,NRF,Kataila.ramalibana@nrf.ac.za Paulette Talliard,Stellenbosch University,plt@sun.ac.za Ricardo Davids,Stellenbosch University,rddavids@sun.ac.za Cornelle van Wyk,University of the Free State,cornelle@ufs.ac.za Mimi Seyffert,Stellenbosch University,mseyf@sun.ac.za </tab>

Repository Systems Programmers

<tab width="50%" class="wikitable sortable" sep=comma head=top> Name,Institution,Contact Alan Orth,Private,alan.orth@gmail.com Dr Hussein Suleman,UCT,hussein@cs.uct.ac.za Shaun Donovan,Private,shaund@teqcle.co.za Nikunj Patel,Private,nikunjpatel3992@gmail.com Lighton Phiri,Private,lighton.phiri@gmail.com Darryn Francesco,Private,darryn.francesco@gmail.com Thato Mahlatji,Private,t.tmahlatji@gmail.com </tab>

Repository Systems Administrators

<tab width="50%" class="wikitable sortable" sep=comma head=top> Name,Institution,Contact Hilton Gibson,Stellenbosch University,hilton.gibson@gmail.com Cornelle van Wyk, University of the Free State,cornelle@ufs.ac.za Lewatle Phaladi,Unversity of the Witwatersrand,Lewatle.Phaladi@wits.ac.za Barrie Swanepoel,University of Johannesburg,barries@uj.ac.za Sean Carte,Private,sean.carte@gmail.com Solomon Kapfunde,University of the Western Cape,skapfunde@uwc.ac.za Sakhi Louw,University of the Western Cape,selouw@uwc.ac.za Herbert K. Nguruwe,Cape Peninsula University of Technology,nguruweh@cput.ac.za Daniel Deogratus,Private,ddeogratus@gmail.com Solomon Mekonnen,Private,solomon3m@yahoo.com Vimal Kumar,Mahatma Gandhi University Library,vimal0212@gmail.com </tab>




Below is a list of journals doing research on scholarly communication.

Some of the very ripe areas for research are:

  1. Costs of scholarly communication publication (commercial and academic).
  2. Open scholarly communication sustainability (the "forever" problem).
  3. Self-hosted open scholarly communication systems.
  4. Librarian open scholarly communication competencies.
Open Access
Closed Access

Cloud Providers

If you presently do not have the technical infrastructure and expertise to host your own repository on campus, then have a look at a hosted cloud solution.


  • If you choose or have chosen this route, then check very carefully, the service contract to ensure that you can export your digital assets and associated metadata, at any time, even if you have failed to meet any financial obligations for the contracted service.
  • It is always better to have possession of your own digital files (bitstreams) on a server on your campus, and therefore be able to control your own costs, rather than be at the mercy of a cloud provider.
  • The continued use of a cloud service may result in a "repository cloud hosting crisis" the same as the "serials bundle crisis".

Repository Examples

Below are links to repositories that have started to take a system approach to repository management by supplying a help wiki and a news blog. In addition they have short clean memorable URL's. Unfortunately policies have yet to be published.

Below are links to repositories used for digital collections.

Contacts for Stellenbosch Systems

  • For open access advocacy and repository content management , please contact:
Mimi Seyffert: mseyf@sun.ac.za
  • For repository preservation, repository interoperability and digitisation management, please contact:
Wouter Klapwijk: wklap@sun.ac.za
  • For repository systems management and errors/omissions/improvements regarding this wiki guide, please contact:
Hilton Gibson: hilton.gibson@gmail.com

Stellenbosch University Library Systems

The guidelines were used to build the following systems:

List of academic repositories in South Africa using DSpace