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Step 1. Requirements

Server Guide

Click here to download the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server guide.


Please read hardware upgrading to view the pro's and con's of virtualisation, if you are considering virtualisation.

At the moment we use a DELL R730 server. With the following specifications:

  • 1x Intel E5-2630 = 8 cores and 32 virtual CPU's
  • 125GB RAM
  • 5TB RAID6 disk array
  • 4x 1GB Ethernet ports

See below for a quote and invoice for the DELL production server mentioned above.

See below for server hosting in the cloud with Hetzner.

HETZNER TruSERV Costs (2016)

RAID Array

When your new server arrives, you will need to setup a RAID array on the server. At Stellenbosch we use RAID6 as policy on our critical servers. For RAID setups consult the guide supplied with your server and the links below.

Prepare your server with the RAID type you have selected to use, before doing ANY server operating system installation.

For more information about RAID, please go to:

Estimate Disk Usage


If you can, try to get estimates of the number of research articles published and the number of masters and doctorates published by your institution.

For each "born digital" item budget approx 5MB storage and for print items digitised approx 30MB.

If your archive is going to host research data and OER items then double your disk usage calculation.

If your server should run out of disk space, then simply add more storage. See link below for help.


  • We use the LTS versions of Ubuntu for our servers.
  • Please click here to find out why Ubuntu was selected as the server operating system platform.

Download and burn one of ISO images to a blank CD. Do not copy it as data, it MUST be burned as an ISO image.

If you have problems burning your own CD, then please ask your IT support people to help you.

The server installation CD can be downloaded from:

PLEASE NOTE: DSpace versions =>4.X require Ubuntu 14.04 LTS!