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  1. *** This procedure is completely different from the official DSpace documentation, in that it applies best system admin practice for Unix based systems ***
  2. This procedure does NOT require "mod_jk" or Apache2 port re-direction with firewall rules or the Apache2 server.

Step 8. Enable the DSpace Java webapps on the Java Tomcat webapp server

The DSpace webapps have been compiled in the $HOME/webapps folder but Tomcat only serves up webapps in the /var/lib/tomcatX/webapps folder.

So, how do we get all the files into the Tomcat webapps folder?

There are several methods. I selected what I call the "automatic linkage" method: if you change anything in the DSpace $HOME/webapps folder and then re-compile, the changes automatically occur in the Tomcat /var/lib/tomcatX/webapps folder.

This method saves you from constantly having to copying webapps after a compile, which is always a risky business.

It also saves you from having to change the Tomcat server configuration files, which is very definitely not recommended by the Debian/Ubuntu software package maintainers.


Please make sure that Tomcat is listening on port 80 first, before setting this up. See link below.

For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS