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Step 3. Unpack DSpace

Step 3.1

Type the following to extract the source code.

Note: Select the DSpace version you are going to use
tar -xzvf /home/dspace/dspace-3.2-src-release.tar.gz
tar -xzvf /home/dspace/dspace-1.8.2-src-release.tar.gz

Step 3.2

To be able to simplify the wiki documentation when doing upgrades and to simply path references to the source code we create a shortcut or in the Unix world a "symbolic link" to point to the source folder of interest.

This creates the /home/dspace/source path which will then be used for all of the following documentation to refer to the source code.

This is also the [dspace-source] folder referred to in the official DSpace documentation.

To create the symbolic link type one of the following:

For DSpace version 3.2
cd /home/dspace
ln -s dspace-3.2-src-release source
For DSpace version 1.8.2
cd /home/dspace
ln -s dspace-1.8.2-src-release source