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DSpace has two indexes, namely the browse and the search indexes.

These indexes were previously stored in the SQL database but are now available via the SOLR database.

The search and browse indexes available via the SOLR database is now called the "Discovery" service.

Please Note:

If during an upgrade you decide to use the SOLR database to deliver the indexes, then you need to purge the old SQL database indexes.


Before attempting setup please make sure the following are correct:

  1. Tomcat is listening on TCP port 80.
  2. The SOLR webapp is correctly published.

Configure Browse Indexes

Configure Search Indexes

Check SOLR webapp operation

If you have problems with the SOLR webapp, then complete the following to check its operation.

Install the "lynx" application.

sudo apt-get install lynx

Then type the following in the console:

lynx http://localhost/solr

You should get the following:


If not debug the solr webapp until you can.

Remember to restart the Tomcat server for each change you make to a webapp configuration.



Maintaining SOLR

DSpace Settings

Querying the SOLR DB