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Back to After Installation Tasks

For DSpace 3.2

Click on the heading above.

For DSpace 1.8.2

Click on the heading above.


PostgreSQL also benefits from regular maintenance such as vacumn, which optimizes the indexes and clears out any deleted data.

Type as follows in a terminal:

sudo -i

Enter the "dspace" user password. Then type:

su - postgres
crontab -e

Copy and paste the following:

20 4 * * * vacuumdb --analyze dspace > /dev/null 2>&1

NANO Editor Help
CTL+O = Save the file and then press Enter
CTL+X = Exit "nano"
CTL+K = Delete line
CTL+U = Undelete line
CTL+W = Search for %%string%%
CTL+\ = Search for %%string%% and replace with $$string$$
CTL+C = Show line numbers

More info = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nano_(text_editor)