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Load your print credits

*Notice: From Thursday 15 August 2019 students will not be able to load quotas from their student accounts for printing, laundry and meals.*see more >

  • Access the User Administration site.
  • Click "Sign on" and then enter your username and password when prompted.
  • Choose Load Printing Money from Student Account. (Printing requests will not be loaded immediately, but you will receive an e-mail confirmation upon activation).
  • Note: Printing requests will not be loaded immediately, but you will receive an e-mail confirmation upon activation.

View your available print credits

  • Access the User Administration site, "Sign on" with your username and password.
  • Choose View Printing Balance.
  • The Available balance shows the amount that is actually available for printing.
  • Note: The Reserved balance shows the amount currently reserved by a printer. When you release a document for printing the printer reserves all credits until the document has finished printing. If for some reason the printing does not finish the credits might stay reserved for some time during which time you might not be able to print, resulting in printer fault message "Credits too low". Eventually the printer should release the credits again after which you should be able to print, if not, contact the IT service support. release your Reserved credits.

View your pending print jobs or printing transactions online


  1. To view your print transactions select the Transactions link; this shows the date, time and total cost of each job.
  2. To delete your print job/s select the Documents link. Mark the printing job/s you want to delete by clicking on the box to the left of each job, then click on the Delete button near the top right portion of the screen. Select OK when prompted and the job will be deleted instantly. (Note: You can only delete jobs that are not currently being printed; jobs in the process of being printed cannot be deleted).


How do I print?

  1. Select the print function from your application.
  2. Select the correct printer from the list of printers, e.g,: i) STB_PRINT_Q01 on (Stellenbosch campus students); OR TYG_PRINT_Q05 on (Tygerbergcampus students)
  3. Ensure the proper print options (double-sided or one-sided) are selected for your print job. (The default setting on print server is double-sided).
  4. Press the "Print" or "OK" button etc to send your print job to the campus print server.
  5. Wait for a pop-up message that will notify you that your print job has been processed on the server for printing later.
  6. Go to the nearest library SAFECOM printer and swipe your SU Student Card to print your document.

How to print on ONE side

  1. Select Print
  2. Click on Properties (Top left corner of the print box)
  3. Click Finishing
  4. Un-check: Print both sides
  5. Select OK
  6. Select OK

How to print in COLOR

  1. Select Print
  2. Click on Properties (Top left corner of the print box)'
  3. Under the 'Color tab, untick Grey scale option

Printing problems?

  • If you experience a problem to print a online document, Download and Save the document which you want to print on your own sunstorage network space or to your Flashdisk, and Open from the Saved location and click the Print option.
  • ALWAYS do a Print, Preview (and check for any Page-breaks which can resulted in blank print pages) before you press Print.

Printing costs?

The University's Printing fees may change though out the year. It is updated and available on the University's IT Service catalogue.