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If you want to change your password or if you have forgotten your password, go to

*Registration process for newcomers (Undergraduates & International degree-seeking students) see: Fees and e-registration process 2019'

Password Security

  • Your campus password expires every 90 days as precautionary security measure.
  • Normally an email is sent, to remind you to change your password.
  • Be very careful of email phishing attempts to get your password.
  • Follow the Stellenbosch University's password requirements in order to change your campus user account password successfully. Please find password assistance and help at IT service support.

Campus Password Account Management
  • Stellenbosch University uses single-sign-on (SSO) technology in conjunction with a central authentication service (CAS) to provide access to technology enabled services for staff and students.
  • This enables you to use the same username and password to access the many technology enabled resources and services available to you on and off campus.
  • The username and password supplied to you is typically called your "Stellenbosch University Campus Username and Password Account" or simply "Campus Account".