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The implementation of a platform to host (open access) online journals is a collaborative effort between the Library and Information Service and departments and units affiliated with Stellenbosch University, in support of the mission and strategy of the University. SUNJournals is the name of the service offered to our clients in addition to SUNScholar and SUNConferences.

Please read our latest information brochure.

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Please read about valid email addresses before registering: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_address

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Open Access Fund

The SU Open Access Fund is used to support Stellenbosch University researchers publishing in open access journals. This may include:

  • Subsiding author fees for publishing in open access journals.
  • Taking institutional memberships with Open Access publishers such as BioMed Central (BMC) and Public Library of Science (PLoS). Institutional membership endorses open access publishing and allows for the subsidising of author fees of Stellenbosch University researchers publishing in these journals.
  • Subsidising author fees for publishing in regular journals where an additional fee is required to allow open access to an author’s published article.

In order to apply for funding assistance from the fund, please complete the funding application form.

List of Journals

No: URL Title DOI Prefix Online ISSN Print ISSN Abbreviation OJS Version DOI Resolved DOAJ article metadata
1 http://scientiamilitaria.journals.ac.za Scientia Militaria 10.5787 eISSN 2224-0020 ISSN 1022-8136 milsci 2.4.8-4 2019-01-16 V46-N2
2 http://perlinguam.journals.ac.za Per Linguam 10.5785 eISSN 2224-0012 ISSN 0259-2312 pling 2.4.8-4 2018-12 V34-N2
3 http://orion.journals.ac.za ORiON 10.5784 eISSN 2224-0004 ISSN 0529-191X orion 2.4.8-4 2019-06-V35-N1
4 http://spil.journals.ac.za SPIL 10.5774 eISSN 2223-9936 ISSN 1027-3417 spil 2.4.8-4 2018-12-V48
5 http://spilplus.journals.ac.za SPILPlus 10.5842/10.5910 eISSN 2224-3380 None spilplus 2.4.8-4 2019-03-V56
6 http://lexikos.journals.ac.za Lexikos 10.5788 eISSN 2224-0039 ISSN 1684-4904 lexikos 2.4.8-4 2018-12 - V28
7 http://globalmedia.journals.ac.za Global Media Journal African Edition 10.5789 eISSN 2073-2740 None gmjae 2.4.8-4 we do not do it???
8 http://ngtt.journals.ac.za we do not handle them anymore Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif 10.5952 eISSN 2226-2385 ISSN 0028-2006 ngtt 2.4.8-4 we do not do it???
9 http://akroterion.journals.ac.za Akroterion 10.7445 eISSN 2079-2883 ISSN 0303-1896 akroterion 2.4.8-4 2018-12-V63
10 http://sajie.journals.ac.za South African Journal of Industrial Engineering 10.7166 eISSN 2224-7890 ISSN 1012-277X sajie 2.4.8-4 2019-06-V30-N1
11 http://sajlis.journals.ac.za South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science 10.7553 eISSN 2304-8263 ISSN 0256-8861 sajlis 2.4.8-4 2018-12-V84-N2
12 http://scriptura.journals.ac.za Scriptura 10.7833 eISSN 2305-445X ISSN 0254-1807 scriptura 2.4.8-4 2019-07 - V118-N1
13 http://aeaa.journals.ac.za African East Asian Affairs - The China Monitor 10.7552 eISSN 2308-8699 None aeaa 2.4.8-4 2016-12 - N4
14 http://aps.journals.ac.za African Population Studies 10.11564 eISSN 2308-7854 ISSN 0850-5780 aps 2.4.8-4 2019-05-V33-N2
15 http://applj.journals.ac.za African Public Procurement Law Journal 10.14803 eISSN 2411-7048 None applj 2.4.8-4 2017-08 - V4-N1
16 http://fundisa.journals.ac.za Trends in Nursing 10.14804 eISSN 2313-8467 None tin 2.4.8-4 2016 - V3-N1(2014)
17 http://ajobe.journals.ac.za African Journal of Business Ethics 10.15249 eISSN 0976-3600 ISSN 1817-7417 ajobe 2.4.8-4 2019 - V13-N1
18 http://journals.sun.ac.za/index.php/sajev (test site)

http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/sajev (online)

South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture 10.21548 eISSN 2224-7904 ISSN 0253-939X sajev 2.4.8-4 2019 - V40-N2
19 http://socialwork.journals.ac.za Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk 10.15270 eISSN 2312-7198 ISSN 0037-8054 sw 2.4.8-4 2019-07-V55-N2
20 http://missionalia.journals.ac.za Missionalia 10.7832 eISSN 2312-878X ISSN 0256-9507 mis 2.4.8-4 2019-06-V46-N3
21 http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/sajhe South African Journal of Higher Education 10.20853 eISSN 1753-5913 ISSN 1011-3487 SAJHE 2.4.8-4 2019-08-V33-N3
22 http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/ajn/ African Journal of Nephrology 10.21804 eISSN 2518-4601 ISSN 2306-8205 AJN 2.4.8-4 2019-02-V22-N1
23 http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/jsaa/ Journal of Student Affairs in Africa 10.14426 (UWC)2016 10.24085 (SU)2017 eISSN 2307-6267 none JSAA 2.4.8-4 2019-V6-N2
24 http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/SAHJ SA Heart Journal 10.24170 eISSN 2071-4602 ISSN 1996-6741 SAH 2.4.8-4 2019-V16-N2
25 http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/SAJPEC South Afican Journal of Pre-hospital Emergency Care 10.24213 eISSN none none SAJPEC 2.4.8-4 none
26 http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/Ukumela Ukumela: the South African Journal of Legal Reasoning, Writing and Education 10.30619 eISSN none none Ukumela 2.4.8-4 none
27 http://www.journals.ac.za/index.php/jeas Journal of Emerging African Scholarship 10.31787 eISSN none none JEAS 2.4.8-4 none


  1. The site administrator creates the journal and completes the initial five steps, after getting approval for the title and abbreviation from the journal editors.
  2. SU created manuals: Announcements; Author; Editor; Editing prepared mails; Section Editor; Supplementary files; Reviewers.
  3. Request doi prefix from Crossref - Susan Collins E-mail: scollins@crossref.org
  4. Register eISSN with ISSN International Centre http://www.issn.org/files/issn/demander_issn/ISSNguidelinesENG.pdf
  5. Submit doi's to Crossref.
  6. Register titles with DOAJ and submit metadata.
  7. Create Gmail account for Google Analytics purposes.
  8. Add titles to Ebsco A-Z List - Colleen Nieuwoudt E-mail: canieuw@sun.ac.za
  9. Register titles with Google www.google.com/webmasters/tools/
  10. Update 2x wiki's.

Contact Us

If you are interested in us hosting your journal then contact:

  • Email: mseyf@sun.ac.za
  • Tel.: +27 (0)21 808 9489

Retired Journals

  1. http://cvja.journals.ac.za
  2. http://actagermanica.journals.ac.za
  3. http://sosj.journals.ac.za
  4. http://zjp.journals.ac.za
  5. http://saeha.journals.ac.za
  6. http://africanzoology.journals.ac.za


About OJS

Open Journal Systems (OJS) open source software is used as a hosting platform. OJS is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project through its federally funded efforts to expand and improve access to research.

About DOAJ

The aim of the Directory of Open Access Journals is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals thereby promoting their increased usage and impact. The Directory aims to be comprehensive and cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee the content. In short a one stop shop for users to Open Access Journals.


Our mission is to represent the interests of Open Access (OA) journal and book publishers globally in all scientific, technical and scholarly disciplines. This mission will be carried out through exchanging information, setting standards, advancing models, advocacy, education, and the promotion of innovation.

About CrossRef

Mission statement: "CrossRef's goal is to be a trusted collaborative organization with broad community connections; authoritative and innovative in support of a persistent, sustainable infrastructure for scholarly communication."


ALPSP's Mission is: To connect, train and inform the scholarly and professional publishing community and to be an advocate on behalf of the non-profit publishing sector

And our Vision is: To be the scholarly publishing association with the most impact globally and thus to create a successful future for scholarly and professional publishers.

About COPE

COPE provides advice to editors and publishers on all aspects of publication ethics and, in particular, how to handle cases of research and publication misconduct. It also provides a forum for its members to discuss individual cases (meeting four times a year in the UK and once a year in North America). COPE does not investigate individual cases but encourages editors to ensure that cases are investigated by the appropriate authorities (usually a research institution or employer).