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;Internet access and management
;Internet access and management

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Internet access and management


Use your network username and password to login to the Inetkey for Internet access.

  • The Inetkey browser window must remain open for as long as you require access to the Internet. If you close this browser window your Internet access will be closed after a short time!
  • If you want to close the Internet connection immediately, click on the Close button.
  • Only currently registered students and staff members of Stellenbosch University may have an internet account.

When will Inetkey really disappear?

The remaining technical functionality of Inetkey will be migrated to other mechanisms, such as a new firewall planned to be procured in the first half of 2020. We expect the final burial of Inetkey later in 2020.


Internet cost?

There is NO cost for internet usage on campus.

From January 2020, Inetkey will no longer collect usage data for billing purposes. In effect, there won’t be any charge per use anymore.

However, Inetkey serves other technical purposes, apart from funding the internet service. User identification is a basic requirement to keep track of who used how much internet, but there are also some security and auditing requirements for which the university need to collect basic information about internet traffic. So, for the time being, Inetkey will still be required to access to the internet, but without any individual charges.

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