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=[[Department of African Languages|Department of African Languages]]=
=[[Department of Afrikaans and Dutch|Department of Afrikaans and Dutch]]=
=[[Department of Ancient Studies|Department of Ancient Studies]]=
=[[Department of Drama|Department of Drama]]=
=[[Department of English|Department of English]]=
=[[Department of General Linguistics|Department of General Linguistics]]=
=[[Department of Geography and Environmental Studies|Department of Geography and Environmental Studies]]=
=[[Department of History|Department of History]]=
=[[Department of Information Science|Department of Information Science]]=
=[[Department of Journalism|Department of Journalism]]=
=[[Department of Modern Foreign Languages|Department of Modern Foreign Languages]]=
=[[Department of Music|Department of Music]]=
=[[Department of Philosophy|Department of Philosophy]]=
=[[Department of Political Sciences|Department of Political Sciences]]=
=[[Department of Psychology|Department of Psychology]]=
=[[Department of Social Work|Department of Social Work]]=
=[[Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology|Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology]]=
=[[Department of Visual Arts|Department of Visual Arts]]=

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