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This page provides guidance on designing your presentation, as well as useful links to download the production-ready templates, with the correct aspect ratios and orientations for the various displays in the libraries.

Bulb.png Note: Uploading your presentation to Xibo

To upload your completed presentation to Xibo, please see the Xibo guide for digital signage.

PowerPoint templates - Download links

The following templates are based on the official Stellenbosch University PowerPoint templates, with modifications to include the Library and Information Services logo and adapting the aspect ratio for use with the displays linked to the Xibo digital signage system.

Click on the images below to download the corresponding template:

Click to download the horizontal template
Click to download the vertical template

Use of colour

It is strongly recommended to stick to the official University colour palette whenever possible. This ensures better readability (these colours are designed with good contrast in mind) and increased brand recognition, and additionally increases the consistency of the branding used by the library.

For your convenience, these colours are provided below:

HEX Code RGB Description









The SU colour palette

Use of links

Long links, or URLs to web pages are hard to read and copy in the short time that a slide is visible. There are two alternatives to this:

Provide a path for the user to follow from the home page

For example, instead of including a link to the following page on the presentation:

It is much more accessible to include the following text:

Library Homepage -> Help -> SU Library Floorplan 

Provide a QR code

QR codes can provide quick access to complex links, and are nearly universally supported on mobile phones (sometimes the functionality is built-in, otherwise the user may need to install a small app). To generate a qr code, do the following:

  1. Launch Wolfram Alpha
  2. Type "qr code" followed by the URL you want to link to in the search box (see the examples below) and press enter
  3. Once the code has loaded, press "Show larger" in the upper right corner of the QR code section (see the example below)
  4. Now right click on the larger code, and choose "Save Image As", and choose where to save the image
  5. You can now insert the QR code into your presentation, as you would with any other image.

Entering the URL into Wolfram Alpha

Clicking "Show larger" to load a higher resolution QR code