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There was a MAJOR change in the embargo functionality with the release of DSpace versions 3.2 when using the XMLUI.

There is a basic and an advanced policy method for setting embargoes.

Embargoes can be set during submission of an item or retroactively set after submission.

Read carefully and prepare yourself during an upgrade.'

Also see:

Urgent Notice

The wording for the simple embargo form was confusing users, so the following were submitted to change the wording:

With our repository we updated the messages.xml file with the changes incorporated for DSpace 4.0.

See example below:

    <!-- -->
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.head">Access Settings</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.access_settings">Visible to a group of selected users (no selection needed for Anonymous)</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.open_access">Item will be visible once accepted into archive</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.embargo">Embargo Access until Specific Date</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.embargo_visible">Visible/Embargoed</message>
    <message key="">Name</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.description">Description</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.reason">Reason</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.submit_add_policy">Confirm Policy & add another</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.list_assigned_groups">Groups</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.error_format_date">Error format date</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.error_missing_date">When Embargo selected, date is required</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.error_duplicated_policy">An identical policy for this group and this action is already in place.</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.table_policies">Policies List</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.private_settings">Private Item</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.private_settings_help">If selected, the item won't be searchable</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.column0">Name</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.column1">Action</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.column2">Group</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.column3">Start Date</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.column4">End Date</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.table_edit_button">Edit</message>
    <message key="xmlui.Submission.submit.AccessStep.table_delete_button">Remove</message>
    <message key="xmlui.administrative.authorization.AccessStep.label_date_help">Accepted format: yyyy, yyyy-mm, yyyy-mm-dd</message>

Note for upgrade from 1.8.2 to 3.2

If you enabled embargoes in 1.8.2 then make sure to remove the embargo date option in your customsied input-forms.xml file.


Step 1 - Select simple or advanced embargo

The user has an opportunity to choose between, simple or advanced embargo settings.

To switch between the two, you need to set following variable in the dspace.cfg file.


At Stellenbosch University with SUNScholar we have chosen to stay with the "simple" embargo method.

See example below:

# Special Group for UI: all the groups nested inside this group
# will be loaded in the multiple select list of the RestrictStep

Step 2 - Enable Embargoes During Submission

To enable the new embargo changes are required to the item-submission.xml file, located in your config directory. This file determines which steps are executed in the submission of a new item.

Two new submission steps have been introduced in the file. By default, they are not activated yet:

  • AccessStep: the step in which the user can set the embargo at item level, effectively restricting access to the item metadata.
  • UploadWithEmbargoStep: the step in which the user can set the embargo at bitstream level. If this step is enabled, the old UploadStep must be disabled, leaving both steps enabled will result in a system failure.

To enable the new embargo, ensure that the new steps are uncommented, while the old UploadStep needs to be commented out.

Type the following to edit the submission file:

nano $HOME/source/dspace/config/item-submission.xml

See example below.

       <!--Step 3 will be to Manage Item access.-->

       <!--Step 4 will be to Upload the item   

       <!-- Step 4 Upload Item with Embargo Features (not supported in JSPUI)
            to enable this step, please make sure to comment-out the previous step "UploadStep" -->

Step 3 - Rebuild webapps

Click on the heading above.