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Prof G.S. Cloete

Brief Statement of Research Interests

Prof Fanie Cloete is currently involved in an extensive research programme on improving good governance outcomes through the use of integrated electronic management support tools (including e-government and policy performance measurement applications) in the public sector.

Contact Information


  • Fanie Cloete (57) is currently Director of and Professor of Public Policy Analysis in the School of Public Management at the University of Stellenbosch. He has extensive career experience in the public sector and has travelled and studied widely abroad. He is also an advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa. He holds inter alia an LLB degree from the Rand Afrikaans University and a D Phil degree in Political Science from the University of Stellenbosch.


  • Prof Cloete is a graded NRF researcher.
  • Prof Cloete has so far published more than 100 academic articles and other popular contributions on topics like social change, policy studies, political and institutional development, local government, decentralisation, land reform, minority rights, negotiation and conflict management.
  • He is also co-editor and co-author of the books Policy Options for a new South Africa (1991), Dynamics of Negotiation in South Africa (1992), Policies for Public Sector Transformation in South Africa (1995), New Technologies in Public Administration (2005) and Improving Public Policy: From Theory to Practice (2nd ed, 2006).
  • In addition to his academic experience he has built up extensive career experience in 4 government departments in the South African public sector over another period of 17 years.
  • He also acts as a general consultant and trainer in both the public and private sectors on strategic and operational policy management issues, including strategic policy management, monitoring & evaluation.

International Exposure

  • Jan 1980 - Jul 1980 : RESEARCH for the doctorate in Political Science in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada.
  • Feb 1982 : RESEARCH in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France and Luxembourg on the European Communities and the Commonwealth
  • Sep 1985 : RESEARCH in Europe and the United Kingdom on decentrali­sation, regionalisation and local government
  • Mar 1988 : BRIEFINGS of South African FOREIGN MISSIONS and opinion makers in Germany and the United Kingdom on constitutional reform in South Africa.
  • Apr 1990-May 1990 : RESEARCH VISIT TO THE USA as official guest of the United States Information Service


  • Deputy Chair of the Institutional Form of the University of Stellenbosch (2000-2001), and a member of the Presidential Review Commission on the Transformation of the South African Public Service (1996-1998).
  • He is the Chair of the Stellenbosch Early Education Development Trust, an advocate of the Supreme Court, member of the Exco of the SA Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA) and a M&E Curriculum Advisor to PALAMA (the former SAMDI).
  • Prof Cloete was also the founder and chair of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)’’s Standards Generating Body for Public Administration and Management (SGB:PAM) (1999-2004).
  • He is also the former chairperson of the Western Cape Local Government Demarcation Board and a former consultant for the National Demarcation Board. He was also a member of the Presidential Review Commission on the Restructuring of the South African Public Service.
  • He was inter alia Chief Director of Constitutional Planning in the Department of Development Planning in Pretoria. Before that he occupied a similar policy planning position in the Office of the President.

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Chapters in Books

  • Grundsetze zur konstitutionellen anpassung von Minderheiten in Südafrika ( Principles for the Constitutional Accommodation of Minorities in S A). Deutsche Afrika Stiftung Schriftenreihe. 1984. In Deutsche Afrika Stiftung Schriftenreihe : SUDAFRIKA: DIE NEUE VERFASSUNG
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  • Comments on case study: University Games. Sage, London. 2005. In Olshfsky, D., Callahan, K. & Scwella, E: Global Public Management: Cases & Comments, Sage, 2005:104-105

Inaugural Addresses

Research Articles

  • Assessing housing management in terms of development objectives. (with Johan Burger)1998. In Development Southern Africa 15(4), 1998:519-536.
  • Achieving capacity for sustainable governance. 1999. In Africanus 1999(2):86-102.
  • Assessing governance with electronic policy management tools. 2003. In Public Performance And Management Review 2003, vol26(3): 276-290.
  • Accelerating successful public service programme implementation in 21st century South Africa. 2006. In South African Journal of Public Administration:Conference Proceedings, September 2006:14-29.
  • Chaos and quantum complexity approaches to Public Administration and management:. Insights from the ‘new sciences. Administratio Publica; 14(1) : 45-83.. 2006.

Conference Papers

  • Cultural and Religious Safeguards in Public International Law and Comparative Constitutional Law . Jubilee Research Centre, Cambridge. 1990. For Constitutional Safeguards in Unitary and Federal States, Jubilee Research Centre, Cambridge, pp 42-67.
  • Avoiding square pegs in round holes : towards an appropriate public policy study and practice in South Africa . 1996. For Burger, APJ Theron, F & Van Rooyen, A :CHALLENGES IN CHANGE, School of Public Management, University of Stellenbosch, 215-235.
  • Envisaged national network for capacity-building in Public & Development Management . The Mt Grace 2 Colloquium Proceedings. 2000. For The State of Public & Development Management in South Africa: The Mt Grace ll Papers, The Mt Grace 2 Colloquium Proceedings, School of Public Management & Planning, University of Stellenbosch, 2000, 208-209
  • Accelerating successful public services programme implementation in 21st century South Africa. 2006 SAAPAM/ASSADPAM Annual Conference. Improving implimentation for accelerated delivery, Durban International Convention Centre, Durban, South Afric. 2006.

Research Projects

  • Beleidsimplikasies van vrye assosiasie in Suid-Afrika (Policy implications of voluntary association in South Africa). 1989. In Centre for Policy Studies, Wits, report 2(1), 1989.
  • And then the tiger cubs stumbled. 1998. In Research report on the results of a study visit to South East Asia, January to June 1998, Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 51 pp.
  • Assessment of Integrated Indicator Framework for the Ten Year Policy Review (co-authored with V Moller, Z Dzengwa & I Davids). Unpublished. 2003.

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