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Wireless Access


How to register your electronic device/s (laptop, iPad, tablet, cell phone etc.) for Wi-Fi::

  1. Go to the IT Hub, in Admin A (entrance from the Rooiplein, below the Admin bridge) or Tygerberg students at Tyg IT on the first floor, Education block on Tygerberg campus; OR
  2. Self-register your electronic device (laptop, iPad, tablet, cell phone etc.) online, when accessing the network via Wi-Fi hotspots with the SSID RegisterMe functionality: Download the Selfregistration guide pdf file and follow the steps.
If you experience any problems please take your device to the IT Hub, located in Admin A, accessible from under the bridge on the Rooiplein.

How to setup Wi-Fi printing from my laptop:

Wi-Fi printing Set-up Guides

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The Q-name for the Library printers is: \\stbsc05.stb.sun.ac.za\STB_PRINT_Q01

How to manage your Printing account


Tips for better reception