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Some style elements are common to both XMLUI Mirage themes. This wiki page will assist you in defining the configuration for these elements.

The configuration is done with the dspace.cfg file.

Edit the following file:

nano $HOME/source/dspace/config/dspace.cfg

Show counters

Search for and change to true.

Show recommendations

Search for webui.suggest.enable and change to true.

Show file thumbnails with item lists

Search for xmlui.theme.mirage.item-list.emphasis and uncomment by removing the hash character in front, so that the emphasis becomes "file" not "metadata".

Remove the "Register" link from the right navigation box

In the DSpace config file, set the following and rebuild.


Remove Recent Submissions

Hi Gary,

Remove from in 
[dspace]/config/dspace.cfg for home page.

and remove
from for
community home page.

Keiji Suzuki

Create custom navigation list

Edit the following file:

And modify as follows:

Hi Charlene,
In navigation.xsl, in the “dri:options” template, instead of:

                <!-- Once the search box is built, the other parts of the options are added -->
You should just be able to do:
		<xsl:apply-templates select="dri:list[@n='browse']"/>
                <xsl:apply-templates select="dri:list[@n='discovery']"/>
		<xsl:apply-templates select="dri:list[@n='context']"/>
		<xsl:apply-templates select="dri:list[@n='administrative']"/>
		<xsl:apply-templates select="dri:list[@n='account']"/>

If you have any other custom lists, you’ll need to be sure to select for those as well.

Jacob Brown

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