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Access to your network documents from everywhere

Did you know you can access your documents on SU network space from everywhere in the world?

  1. Go to, sign on with your SU network Username and Password; OR
  2. Go to and click on option: Network Storage, sign on with your SU network Username and Password.

Mailbox account locked after password change

If students experiences that their mailbox are locked after they changed their password, ask them if their mailbox is also available through their other devices such as iPad, iPhone, cell phone, etc. Your SU Outlook Account will lock within 30 seconds after changing your password if the old password remains cached on any other device that is still ON.    The only way to solve your locked mailbox account problem, would be to:

Find all sources (devices) of cached passwords and sign in on that device with your new password, e.g.:

  • Cell phones: Mail and Internet browsers
  • Tablets: Mail and Internet browsers
  • Windows 7/8 go to credential manager and wipe all saved passwords
  • MacBook remove all relevant student passwords from keychain.
  • IOS (Apple/iPhone, iPad) devices should ask you to change your password for mail. If you are not asked to change password, go to Settings account, Mail, University Exchange Account to change password on the device.
  • Android won’t ask to change your password. Go to Settings account and select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to change password on Android devices.
If you're still having problems, contact IT x4367 or Student IT x9289, mail to:

Reactivate Username for 2015

Each year all students and staff members have to reactivate their campus account (for network, email, internet, SUNLearn and Sun-eHR access) before 31 March of the current year.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on: Sign On and login with your campus username and password.
  3. Choose the option: Reactivate username for 2015
  4. Click on: Accept and Reactivate
  5. Click on: Log out.

If you have not reactivated your account for the previous year or you have not used your campus account for more than six months, then your are required to reactivate your expired account.

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose the option: Reactivate expired username (Option below Sign on option)
  3. Enter your US number and ID number to continue.