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  • The ability to embargo items was introduced with DSpace version 1.8.X and then radically modified with DSpace versions =>3.2.
  • Basically embargoes are now activated during submission as a separate step, using specialised forms... simple or advanced.
  • Click here, to do retrospective embargo activation and de-activation using item and collection permissions.
  • Click here, to enable the "request-a-copy" function, introduced in DSpace =>4.X, for embargoed items.

For DSpace 5.X

For DSpace 4.X

For DSpace 3.X

Pre-3.0 Embargo Migration Routine

A migration routine has been developed to migrate the old <=1.8.2 embargoes to the new >=3.2 embargoes.

To execute it, run the following command:

$HOME/bin/dspace migrate-embargo -a

And then:

$HOME/bin/dspace embargo-lifter -a -v

And then:

$HOME/bin/dspace embargo-lifter -c -v